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Sensei Seiken Shukumine

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1-1.  Meeting on 3 October 1990 of (from left to right) Sensei Seiken Shukumine (founder of Genseiryu Karate), Sensei Yasunori Kanai (Head Instructor World Genseiryu and President of W.G.K.F. and All Japan Genseiryu Karatedo Federation) and Sensei Yamada (first Head Instructor of Genseiryu).
Shukumine, Kanai and Yamada.
1-2.  By special request from Sensei Yasunori Kanai on the occassion of Sensei Konno's visit to Ito, Sensei Shukumine gave a lesson in Genseiryu to some high Genseiryu instructors. Here he is demonstrating Bassai-Dai. Sensei Shukumine was wearing a Hakama (traditional dogi of Taido), but is giving Genseiryu kata lectures here as can be seen in the writings on the wall where Japanese words can be found such as Bassai, Sansai, etc. (Ito, Japan, 17 April 1994) Sensei Shukumine giving a lesson in Genseiryu Kata Bassai-dai
1-3. Another picture taken at the Genseiryu lesson given by Sensei Shukumine. Here you can see Sensei Yasunori Kanai (in the middle) and some other instructors. (Ito, Japan, 17 April 1994) Sensei Kanai and others at Genseiryu lesson from Sensei Shukumine

1-4. Again a picture of Sensei Shukumine giving a Genseiryu lesson (see above). On the right you can see a part of the Genseiryu flag. The same kind of flag was brought to Holland and is used during every Genseiryu examination or on special occasions, like the picture on the right, where sensei Suzuki visited Holland.. (Ito, Japan, 17 April 1994).

Sensei Kanai and others at Genseiryu lesson from Sensei Shukumine



Special training with Sensei Suzuki in Anna Paulowna, Netherlands

Here you can see the same flag, used during our Genseiryu exams and special occasions like this one, where sensei Shigeo Suzuki (sensei of sensei Konno) brought a visit to Holland (Anna Paulowna, Netherlands, 11 april 2005).


1-5. This picture was taken at the home of Sensei Seiken Shukumine, who is sitting in the middle. Left of him is his wife, next to her Sensei Yasunori Kanai (Head Instructor of World Genseiryu Karatedo Federation) and behind him Sensei Nobuhide Sugiura (chairman of Genseiryu Karate Head Quarter in Ito, Japan). Right of Sensei Shukumine is Sensei Saito (he was the 2nd Head Instructor of World Genseiryu, appointed by Sensei Shukumine). Next to him Sensei Nobuaki Konno (Genseiryu Netherlands and Director General of W.G.K.F.) and Sensei David Roovers (Genseiryu Netherlands). (Ito, Japan, 1998)

At the home of Sensei Shukumine
1-6.  1997: Sensei Jackie Moos (Genseiryu Karatedo Denmark) meets Sensei Seiken Shukumine at his home in Japan.
Sensei Jackie Moos meets Sensei Shukumine
1-7.  Sensei David Roovers (Genseiryu Karatedo Netherlands) meets Sensei Seiken Shukumine at his home in Japan. (October 1998).
Sensei David Roovers 
         meets Sensei Shukumine
1-8.  This picture is taken at a Genseiryu Tournament in Japan in Aug. 2003. On this picture you can see: Sensei Shukumine's son (2nd on the right), his wife Mrs. Shukumine and in the middle Sensei Yasunori Kanai (World Genseiryu Head Instructor and President of the W.G.K.F and All Japan Genseiryu Karatedo Federation).

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