The TRUTH about Peter Lee

REMOVED! - The game


Okay, here is a new GAME for you! I call it REMOVED! The purpose of the game: how many QUESTIONS can you think up that, if asked at Peter Larsen's forum, would instantly be removed?!? Of course I don't mean 'stupid' questions, or questions containing offensive language. I mean normal, simple questions that you would be able to ask any other karate-teacher and expect him to answer normally and honestly...
Difficult??? No way, there are many questions that you are not 'supposed' to ask Peter Larsen... Peter Larsen calls these questions "camouflage of slander" (see here). Of course it is not the question that is slander, it's the ANSWER!!!

Well, here's a couple of questions I came up with that have actually been removed on his site or have simply never been answered anywhere. You can try it out yourself, pick one and pose the question on Peter Larsen's forum. He will most probably discard the question and send you a warning for slander or off-topic questions:

  1. How long have you been training karate?;
  2. How long have you been training Genseiryu?;
  3. Is your school a member of DKF (Danish Karatedo Federation)?;
  4. You have the 5th dan you say? Is this Dan also recognised by the Danish Karate Federation (DKF)?;
  5. Do you hold any dan from the Danish Karate Federation? If so, which dan is that?;
  6. Who was the examinator who awarded you each dan?;
  7. You seem rather young (34 years) to have the 5th dan already... When exactly did you receive the 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dan?;
  8. Can it be possible that witnesses have testified that they saw you in 1999 at a training camp wearing BLUE belt? (Remark: this is 4th kyu in most countries, could be 2nd kyu in some schools in Denmark);
  9. Is Lee you real last name, or just a pseudonym? If this is a pseudo, what is your real last name, under which you were born?;
  10. Are you training Genseiryu or Genseiryu Butokukai?;
  11. What is the difference (according to you) between Genseiryu and Butokukai?;
  12. Why do you keep calling your style and your website "Genseiryu" without the obligatorily term "butokukai"? This obligation has been layed upon your style in Japan by the JKF...;
  13. If you don't want "your style" to be called "Genseiryu Butokukai", why do you have a reference on your site to a Butokukai-site, namely (at the bottom it says: Copyright (C) 2002 Butoku-kai, also check the link and the header of the page!);
  14. If sensei Konno, according to you, "is not a part of Genseiryu", please explain me what his pictures are doing on THE Japanese Genseiryu website (click links bottom left and middle) and why he was invited to the celebration of 55 years of Genseiryu in Japan (see pictures);
  15. If you consider yourself to be so important as you say you are, together with Mr. Tosa, why are your pictures not on that website?;
  16. On a Danish site it is said that sensei Yamada, then sensei Saito and as last sensei Kanai where appointed by sensei Shukumine as official leader of Genseiryu. Then, how can sensei Tosa claim to be the "successor" of Genseiryu???;
  17. That same site also says that "no western people have up until now reached a degree higher than 4th dan in Genseiryu Karate." Then, how can you claim to have 5th dan?
  18. Can you show us the evidence of all your allegations you have been making? I mean actually SHOW it, not just talk about it! You say all the time that you have the evidence, but you have never ever showed us any of it. Do you really have the evidence?

A couple of new questions I came up with myself but have never been posed (simply because it's no use, since he will delete it anyway, but maybe you can try):

  1. How big is your school? I mean how many members do you have?;
  2. How many schools are there in Denmark that train Genseiryu (butokukai) in the same way as you do?;
  3. How many members does Genseiryu (Butokukai) Denmark have in total?;
  4. Have you trained at Genshi-kan, a school that today you discard as being the 'wrong' Genseiryu?;
  5. Where you kicked out of that school?;
  6. Did you train Shotokan after that?;
  7. Where you ever kicked out of another school, besides Genshi-kan, let's say some Shotokan school?;
  8. Do you understand that if you don't show the evidence for your allegations, you are slandering somebody's name?

And so on, and so on... All questions that he can't or won't answer. Even if he answers it, he just talkes around the bush and states something like "that can be found on my web site", where you can look and look but won't find it. In the meantime he is laughing out loud because you have then been reading all the other accusations, lies and BS on his forum... My advice: don't even bother!!!

Much more interesting are the messages that have been REMOVED!!!