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" The Shihan of Denmark"

Peter Larsen (alias Peter Lee)
Welcome to this web site, about Mr. Peter Lee from Denmark.

Peter was born as Peter Larsen (24 July 1971) and has changed his name to Peter Lee, because he likes to compare himself to one of the greatest martial arts practitioners ever: Bruce Lee.

This web site was created, because Peter is spreading false information about the history of the karate style Genseiryu, about the history of certain people inside this karate style and mainly because of his false accusations and the name slandering that he is doing. This is uncalled for, the people in question don't even get a change to defend themselves, the accusations were never proven, and all the "evidences" he comes up with, can not be used as such. Through this site, we want to inform people of the truth about Genseiryu and to inform and warn people about this man!!!

INFO: Genseiryu karate is a karate style, developed by Grand Master Seiken Shukumine (1925-2001). His basic kata are (besides Gensei shodan) Ten-i no kata, Chi-i no kata and Jin-i no kata. These kata are considered important, as they "prepare" you for the more difficult kata Sansai. If you don't train the basic kata properly, eventually your sansai could end up looking something like this (performed by Peter Larsen, at the time he claimed to have 4th dan):

Karate Genseiryu-Butokukai, kata Sansai by Peter Lee

Peter Lee, Shihan ---> This is how this Danish karate teacher signs all his mails and posts on forums... A Shihan (師範), is a karate teacher (sensei) holding the 5th dan or higher, so it translates into English as "Master Instructor". Normally, it takes years and years of training to reach such a level. In karate, with hard training, you might be able to reach this level around half way your life... But already at age 32, Peter claimed to have obtained the 5th dan and started to call himself "shihan" right away... Lack of modesty? Not just that, it's pure arrogance, because in the Japanese culture (karate is Japanese) it's absolutely not done to call yourself "san", "sensei" or "shihan". Only somebody else can refer to you as such...

Via this web site, we will proof that the claims of Peter Lee hold no ground, and moreover, that he totally contradicts himself on several occasions (people that are constantly lying, ALWAYS contradict themselves eventually!).

On this web site you can read the TRUE story about Peter Lee. On his own site he claims to have done "15 years of research" on the subject of Genseiryu karate. But is all what he says really true??? Maybe, just maybe, he really did this research (but surely not for 15 years), but the real outcome of that alleged research he is definitely not telling us in the correct way. Actually, the more we did counter-research, the more we found out he is lying about many things... Well, to start with, his real name is not even Peter Lee but Peter Larsen! He doesn't practice Genseiryu for real (he is connected to Genseiryu-Butokukai), he went from a blue belt straight to 4th dan (4 years later even 5th dan!) and he actually got kicked out of several dojos, after having insulted and disgraced his own teachers!!! Stay with me and read the whole truth about a man, who gives the word 'respect' a totally different meaning!


NOTE (please READ carefully):

This web site is NO deliberate 'defamation' or a 'hate page' about Peter Lee. We have nothing against this man personally. Peter claims to be a karate teacher and is so teaching all kinds of people, young and old, girls and boys, who are NOT aware of the true nature of this man and who don't know what he did in the past and what he is doing outside the dojo today. All these people, adults and children, are entitled to know the truth. They should know what is really going on. Everybody is entitled to know the truth!!!

So this site is nothing but a warning! This site is about Peter's ACTIONS and HISTORY. That's already defaming by itself. So any defamation is caused by Peter's own actions... NOT by us! ("Don't shoot the messenger!") We try to write as much as possible in a neutral, honest and factual way!

NOTE 2 (IMPORTANT for people who sent us an email before):

There has been an 'accident' with our email-box. Due to a computer malfunction, all the emails sent to and from GENSEI - RYU (at) HOTMAIL (dot) COM were deleted... We had many nice and interesting emails from many people... If you are one of the people that has sent us an email (before the 1th of September 2005), PLEASE send us another email (even in case you already had a reply from us). Since the emails were sent in confidence, we can't give the persons' names here, so please, do contact us again if you are one of them!!! In case you still have a copy of your email(s), please send us that email once more!

Thank you very much!!!

On his own site there is a forum of which HE is the webmaster. Also, Peter created a "encyclopedia" for Genseiryu. On both that forum AND that so-called encyclopedia, he makes a lot of allegations and accusations towards some people of Genseiryu that are "walking in his way", although these people actually never wanted to have anything to do with him. This is direct name slandering or smearing! At first we all thought "let him go his way, we will go ours. It'll all pass..." But it didn't pass! In fact he just kept going on with his insulting accusations and all the name slandering. Then a young 18-year old boy from Holland started to meddle in and he also had to repeat the same allegations and by that slandered the good name of some good, hard working, honest Genseiryu people.
The site and the forum he has set up looks at first glance very impressive and professional. So then we decided we gotta try to clear things up ON that forum, but every time when we have posted true facts or simple questions about Genseiryu or about him, he simply deletes it. After a few times he then even banned us from the forum! Some things he did not delete, but then he twists the words and turns everything 180° around, so he can use it against us. So far for the neutrality and honesty of that forum then...

We decided that fighting the lion in its own cage is not the solution. Since he deletes just about everything that he does not want to see, there is no way arguing with him on his own forum where he is ruler and master of all contents... Nobody who is attacked on his forum is allowed any form of defense! Very brave, very very brave!!!
We decided to bring out the truth here then, on our OWN site, where Peter Larsen is not able to touch anything.

What you can find here is the following:



Also pretty interesting (sites outside this home page):






And remember: MORE and MORE will be published, the longer you slander the name of well respected people on your web site!!!


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